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Glass Boat Repair

Legal Disclaimer-This page is for informational purposes only. Any changes made to the factory outfitting are done at your sole risk. Knowledge of your skill level and appropriate modifications to your boat are your sole responsibility. Materials used in boat building / outfitting are hazardous to your health. Please follow all safety percautions (we want you to keep boating!)

What you'll need:

  • Fiberglass cloth, kevlar, or carbon fiber
  • Resin or epoxy (try to get the same as the boat was built with if possible)
  • Can, cup, etc... for mixing resin or epoxy, and a stirring stick (a coffee can and a stick work fine. Make sure the stick is clean though...)
  • MANY latex gloves
  • Respirator
  • Sand paper / dragonskin
  • Well ventilated area


  • clamps
  • waxed paper

Repair Tips

  1. Use the same type of resin as they did when they built the boat whenever possible (vinyl ester, epoxy, etc..)

  2. Clean and sand ALL surfaces REALLY well. You want it down to glass fiber (there is a "wax" that rises to the surface upon drying that a patch won't adhere to as well-using sand paper or a file get down to the fiber as much as possible (wear the respirator please!.)

  3. Use a maximum of fiberglass / kevlar / carbon fiber and a MINIMUN of resin, epoxy, etc... You DO want the glass to be "wet", but not dripping.

  4. You may want to just lay up additional layers inside / outside the boat to stiffen the deck / hull around a patch.

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