Mad River Outrage Bags

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Mad River Outrage Bags

Post by MohawkOC1 »

Hello all, I’m inquiring on bag sizes for the Mad River Outrage. I believe this boat was the newer line maybe 05-08 has a Mohawk saddle in the dead middle of the boat. I’m wondering what bag size would be best for keel to saddle fill up on both sides. Essentially no room in front or behind the saddle is what I’m shooting for. I’ve seen 2 72” but no certain answer. Anyone done this to their outrage? Pics would be awesome! Thanks for reading!

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Re: Mad River Outrage Bags

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contact Shawn A. at he will have the answer and makes bomber bags!
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Re: Mad River Outrage Bags

Post by valhallalongboats »

Assuming it is an original Outrage, 60" bags will fill it fairly thoroughly. 72" is probably overkill...but you will want 72's if its an Outrage X.
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Re: Mad River Outrage Bags

Post by johns »

old 6' mohawk bags are slightly more than enough to bag my encore with mohawk saddle tight, so 5' should come close to filling an outrage which is 16" shorter and narrower. John
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