ECBA 2010 - it was great!

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ECBA 2010 - it was great!

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hope you all had a good drive home or to your next whitewater destinations

thank you all very much for coming!
it was - if you ask me - a great event with nice people, great rivers, BIG beerbottles, waves big enough to make tandem canoes dissappear and way too short time as always. A bit chaotic but we had nobody lost, we even found our star-guest from Canada just in time to get everyone outfittet and on the river. Very rainy, but hey, it was just liquid sunshine, wasn't it?
Fortunately, James brought a big tent for us all to fit in and party as hard as we paddle - tough not all people on this campingsite had the same sense of humour as we have, but not everyone can be as cool and fancy as we Cboaters are ;)
I had met old friends and new friends and even made unexpectedly deep friendship with some open canoe - I'm afraid I need to get one the sooner or later (where do I store all these boats, help!)

I will post pictures soon

destination for the next ECBA 2011 is already choosen: Wildalpen somewhere in Austria at the banks of the Salza - big choice of rivers again......

date is to be fixed (haven't had the time to look in next year's calendar yet), but I'll take care of everything in time, don't worry
it's gettin hot
purple orange flames
blaze where I put my paddle
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