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C1 & C2 Boating

Post by Kelly-Rand » Tue May 14, 2019 12:22 am

I'm interested in hearing about C-boaters experience with a new decked boat of theirs. I've been paddling C-boats since about 2000, starting with a Gyromax and quickly graduating to an Atom and Frachella Viper, which are still used by me. I have now since 2015 a River Elf Storm Chaser that I have been learning its character, which is much different from my edgier boats, for these past 3 seasons. I've taken the SC on a variety of runs and find I like it best on creaky runs with lots of switchbacks and micro eddies. I've taken it on larger water and its been rock solid but I like the jet ferries I can achieve with the atom and viper on that bigger water. I also paddle a Vajda Magma 420 which is one of the shortest slalom C2's at 13'4" in production at the time of its manufacture in 2006. It is a hoot to paddle, one of the best attaining boats I've ever been in and it loves to surf. It's only drawback is I can only be in it for 3 hours before knee strain takes its toll.

Anyway, like to hear other's experience.
Jim KR

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