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August, 2003

Many updates..including:
Hydra Duet Page added
Space_Canoes Rack Page added
Hydra Centaur page added
What am I? page added
New links on the Home page to Shaggy designs and Mountain Surf skirts

May, 2003

LOTS of updates, now that we're on newer serves (GREAT JOB, KEN!)

Huge change to Raceboats with TONS of new info from John Sweet, as well as from Sue Taft's GREAT book "River Chasers"
NEW section-CBoats Gallery!
New Encore images

The FAQ is at CBoats now, and Brettal's done a great job!
Randy's GREAT Fence Rail conversion

February 2, 2003

The addition of Echo Paddles to the home page
ESQUIF information updated-special thanks to them for sharing their images and text!
Mohawk Canoes information updated-special thanks to them for sharing their images and text!

January, 2003

The NEW CForum is up!

ALL images have been resized (over 300 of them!) for better viewing an quicker downloading

ALL pages have been reformatted for the new image sizes!

New Pages including:
C2 Index page
CBoater home page links Dagger Encore
Mohawk Maxim
Tip Top Wildwater C1
Whupatar C2
Gemini C2
Torrent C2
GrokShark C2
Esquif Zoom
Spanish Fly
Super Fly

July 3, 2002

(short) review of Esquif Blast
Images of
Mohawk XL13
Hudson Armada! update

June 18, 2002

Hudson Armada! update
June 7, 2002

More attendess for the Hudson Armada!
Images of Paddles added
Maverick images added
Mave er ICK images / information added
Many Outfitting Images added

May 31, 2002


More attendees for the Hudson Armada!

May 28, 2002

Additional Magnet information added.
Hudson Armada page updates
Additional GREAT IMAGES added to Acrobat page
Jape info added...thanks Scott B.!

May 14, 2002

Additional Magnet information added.
New links on the home page for Class Five and Coastal.
More outfitting information added.
New section on glass boat repair.

May 12, 2002

Blackwater images / information added! Special thanks to Dennis Krizek!

May 1, 2002

Groove prototype image added to Groove page
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