SOLD Dagger Dimension

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SOLD Dagger Dimension

Post by dafriend »

In very good condition, this classic big water tandem needs a good home. It has never been folded, stapled or mutilated but does have the scratches and dings that you would expect on a boat that’s seen a lot of whitewater.

Basic facts:
Red, Royalex, vinyl gunwales, length 16, width 34”, weight approximately 46lbs.
If I am reading the id plate correctly it was manufactured in 1990. Doesn’t look that old.
Tandem outfitting with kneeling thwarts, kneepads and thigh straps.
Includes flotation! Best quality Voyager nylon bag set includes center bag.

Pickup is preferred but if shipping is required buyer must make all arrangements - including packing - at their expense. I’ll do my best to accommodate pickup. Located in St. Paul, Minnesota.

I am reluctant to part with it, but loving spouse recommends not buying the new Esquif that has caught my eye until I make room for it. The Dimension doesn’t get used much anymore. It will be happier living with someone that will take it out to play.
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Post by warren »

I'd love to have your Dimension, but I'm in WV and have no great ideas about how to get ahold of it. Any chance you're driving in any direction towards here anytime in the future? Sorry to inconvenience you with such logistics.

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