Several Boats - a H3 255, 2 Diesel & a Dynamo

Post your missing boat here and have eyes all over the place looking for it!

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Several Boats - a H3 255, 2 Diesel & a Dynamo

Post by pdown2 » Wed Jul 01, 2009 2:15 pm

Fellow paddlers:

Four kayaks were stolen from my carport and back yard sometime between
Saturday evening and Monday afternoon. I live off Roxboro Rd. near Lenox
Square. I would appreciate your keeping an eye out for them.

The thieves apparently took the first four boats they saw and did not appear
to be selective. The M.O. suggests that they were stolen to be sold rather
than for personal use. The only clue is that there was a white male with
dark hair in his twenties or thirties driving a dark grey or black SUV with
roof racks who drove past the house very slowly about a week ago and was
looking intensely toward the back yard. He may have been a paddler who was
just curious about the large number of boats, but I would have to consider
him a "person of interest" under the circumstances.

The four stolen kayaks are:

Pyranha H3 255 (2007) orange and yellow S/N XJBB DZAX M607. This is the
later model with downgraded Rapid+ outfitting (rubber bow and stern handles,
black security bars, and a simple back band adjustment strap.) The bow wall
is missing. This model came with only one bulkhead rail nut and bolt on each
side but I added a second one to keep the bulkhead from flopping around. It
had Hip Snap Pro hip pads installed instead of the factory pads.

Wave Sport Diesel 75, orange and yellow, no S/N available. No distinguishing
characteristics. Had a blue Voyager cockpit cover on it.

Wave Sport Diesel 65, dark blue, no S/N available. Hull is cracked around
one of the seat bolts. Has a minor crease in the bow that was plastic
welded. Has an AW decal on it. Had a blue Voyager cockpit cover on it.

Dagger Dynamo, mostly reddish-brown with some blue, stamped either "Demo" ,
"No Retail" or "Instructional Use Only" adjacent to the serial number. No
S/N available. Back band installed.

If you see any of these boats on the river or offered for sale, please get
as much information on the possessor as possible and contact me and the
Atlanta Police Department immediately. The APD case number is 091810397. It
was filed on June 30 by Officer E.A. Howell, Zone 2, 404-848-7231.

Bruce Williams
White Water Learning Center of Georgia
3437 Rockhaven Cir NE
Atlanta, GA 30324


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