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Free Downloads Kent Fords Drill TIme and Solo Playboating

Posted: Mon Mar 30, 2020 8:45 pm
by kentford
I've recently opened up my web site to free downloads and streaming of our highly acclaimed canoe titles. Enjoy the skills tuneup!

Drill Time: Learn to accelerate with amazing speed and precision, carve to eliminate correction strokes that slow the boat, and lock onto surf waves for long rides every time! Drills are the foundation for improving in any sport,and canoeing is no exception. Knowing what to practice and how all adds up to more fun on the river.

Solo Playboating: Inspiring instructional video packed with information for open canoeists. Basic strokework is carefully presented. Advanced stroke techniques, as well as bracing and rolling are demonstrated and explained. World Champion Kent Ford unlocks the secrets of fun surfing and easy playing. Features many great paddlers on the American, Ocoee, Gauley and Nantahala Rivers.