Anyone lose a We-no-nah 'Rouge' and a Mad River?

Post your missing boat here and have eyes all over the place looking for it!

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Anyone lose a We-no-nah 'Rouge' and a Mad River?

Post by valhallalongboats » Thu Jul 11, 2013 5:02 am

Probably this is nothing, but some guy out here in CA is posting these 2 canoes on Craigslist. The canoe school I'm working for is looking for some new boats, but my texts to this guy are just weird. He has no idea whatsoever about canoes, can't even tell me what models they are (I can tell its a Rouge in the picture) and just generally seems shady. Not everyone who has canoes knows anything about canoes, but its weird when he owns 2 or 3 and still doesn't know anything. Thought I'd post this and see if anyone had their fleet lightened up a bit. If so, let me know, I know where the boats are.
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