Orange Gerber Pilot rescue knife

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Orange Gerber Pilot rescue knife

Post by vzap » Sun Jun 21, 2009 6:16 pm

Just to remind my fellow boaters not to leave their "stuff" unattended.
About 11:00 yesterday morning my new orange Gerber Pilot rescue knife and case was stolen off my PFD
while we were running shuttle from Thrift to Woodall for the Chattooga

Not my loss. The sum-bitch who stole it has to live with the realization that they are a stinking low-life POS thief and will have bad "river karma" visited on them 10 fold.

So, if anyone knows of a paddler who was in that area at that time and suddenly owns a new knife as described above you might ask them where it came from.

Vince Zappia

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