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Hi fellow boaters!

For May 21. to 24. this year, we're holding our annual informal-as-ever gathering of the in-C-lined at River Salza, in the beautiful Styria Region of Austria, on usually crystal clear and drinkable water in a beautiful mountainous area with many different stretches of River Salza to run, from Class II to III+, and some more action nearby if you should be interested in a more challenging environment.

There's a whole event page on the facebooks for it if you should be there and want to confirm you're coming - to be found here:

Regarding our place to stay, it's in the WW center of the Salza valley, Wildalpen, on the Naturfreunde Campground right next to Heli Welli, the wave where you can pitch your tent right next to it and play until the lights go out. Some "more comfortable" options within walking distance for those with aching backs, well-filled wallets, neoprenestinkophobia or any combinations thereof.

Come and enjoy this magnificent event with us, we will have a bunch of newly made connections from the Czech Republic and Italy with as as well as old friends from near and as far as the UK, Poland, France, Germany, Switzerland and Austria of course - at least that's as far as we know now. Even some Canadians and 'muricans have expressed their true wish to come and join us, whoo-hoo!

C u on the river, in May, 2020!
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Sounds like a great time! I'd like to make it over one of these years:)
Keep the C!
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