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Esquif Zephyr XL

Posted: Mon Sep 02, 2019 1:46 am
by YoungOldMan
Any feedback on the XL version of the zephyr? I’ve not paddled either the original or the new big boy version but it does look interesting. I paddle a Viper 12 but it has some “issues” & I’m looking for a good III & IV river runner. I’ve grown to like the edges on the viper as it is snappy without being a hazard & think the Zephyr could be similar. I’m 6’3” & 215
All thoughts are welcome. Thanks

Re: Esquif Zephyr XL

Posted: Sun Oct 13, 2019 2:30 pm
by BAD paddle
I'm right there with ya-- both regular and xl Zephyr look really tempting, but maybe harder to find than another used Viper, not sure. 'Have to think both these Zephyrs may be a bit dryer and a bit slower than the Viper 12, so like a wider Viper 11? Could be great! In that same vein, a new glass Viper from Clipper canoes might be the ticket as well. Certainly light and fast anyway.

Having sold my Viper 12, I'm going yet another direction. Have ordered a Millbrook 20/20. Thinking dryer, much lighter, faster acceleration than the royalex Viper. Final hull speed will be lower, but probably not all that much and have to think it will snap into an eddy at least as well as the Viper. Also have to guess way easier to roll than the bulkhead/ tupperware boats. Gonna be fun finding out!

Re: Esquif Zephyr XL

Posted: Tue Oct 22, 2019 12:37 pm
by YoungOldMan
Please let us know how that 20/20 compares to the old old Viper. That boat has been on my radar for the past year but honestly the edge scares me. It looks so fragile hanging down all by it’s lonesome like it might as well have a bullseye on it. Half joking but it does seem that repair on the chine would be frequent if paddleling any boney water.

When I spoke to Eli Hubbard about the zephyr he recommended going ahead & putting skid plates on it when new. That didn’t do much for my opinion of T Formex.

I actually ordered a glass Clipper Viper since making the original post but it was heavily damaged in shipping so Clipper took it back & I’m still paddeling my old Mohawk. I smashed in the rear hull coming down off a 2’ ledge that had plenty of water flowing over it. It pressed out smoothish with a heat gun but dam this boat has had its share of problems. It was a hangover day at Mohawk when my Viper was made I do believe.

Let’s hear about that sweet new Millbrook

Re: Esquif Zephyr XL

Posted: Tue Oct 22, 2019 2:54 pm
by BAD paddle
Sorry to hear about your clipper-- that really hurts!

As for the 20/20, I'll definitely report back. The 20/20 is intended to be the fast boat for fluffy water while the Agent 88/ Octane 91 will continue to be for boofs and bashing, short and long trips respectively. Having a quiver means *mostly* dialing in the boat for the day (river to hades is paved with good intentions!). That said, if you don't mind taking the time, the glass boats are pretty easy to fix.

Still though, if I had to go to only one canoe, the TF Zephyr seems like it would be up high on the list for a boat with edges. Sweet lines, mid range weight and speed somewhere between plastic short boats and longer/ lighter glass boats. :-)