Mosquito Burrito - A canoe for kids!

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Mosquito Burrito - A canoe for kids!

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Hey guys,

We have a unique opportunity to create a kids canoe at Blackfly, and the project has reached the state where we're taking pre-orders. So far the response has been overwhelmingly positive, and we're hoping that that'll lead to enough pre-sales where we can make the Mosquito Burrito a reality! If you want to support the project but don't have a need for the canoe, we're going to be making Mosquito Burrito t-shirts as well.

We're accepting pre-orders until December 15th, when we'll evaluate if we have enough support to continue. The link below leads to the pre-order page with photos and specs.
IMG_1070 cb.jpg
Fingers crossed that we can make this happen and get kids on the water in a canoe!
Chris Loomis
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Re: Mosquito Burrito - A canoe for kids!

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I hope it happens - it would be awesome to have a 30 lb kids canoe (though for some kids that weighs 1/2 what they do;) ).

Hopefully the price point works better than the Composite Creations Splash (which is an awesome boat IMhO). Other's have done composite designs before too... Massive? Millbrook in the Berry years did a Youth C1. I'm sure there have been others, but I think this may the first plastic one.
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Re: Mosquito Burrito - A canoe for kids!

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