Winni River Days 6/24/2018

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Winni River Days 6/24/2018

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I showed up at the river after I saw the gauge rising to be pleasantly surprised to be at a well organised event with free / donation accepted shuttle for this short but sweet run. ... l/id/3057/" onclick=";return false;

You can read the river description at the AW link. It was a gray partly rainy day which made the run even more fun since there was this steamy mist rising off the water. Not as enchanting as one armada on the NB Potomac during a rainy weekend that dropped the visibility to less than a football field, but still a nice experience all the same. The only thing lacking was a healthy compliment of C-boaters, open or closed. This event was not well publicised beyond the local community, I know that will change next year. 900 CFS is a perfect flow I discovered. I have usually paddled it at about 500-600, and at this level it was challenging but fluid.

Put it on your calendar if your in New England, 2nd to last weekend in June.
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