Blackfly Canoes 2018 Summer Tour!

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Blackfly Canoes 2018 Summer Tour!

Post by Cheeks »

Our summer tour is back, and it's back big!

We'll be traveling all over the country with demo boats and tacos. Many of the events will also have discounted delivery on pre-ordered canoes. More dates will be added throughout the summer, so stop in and say hello!
Chris Loomis
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Re: Blackfly Canoes 2018 Summer Tour!

Post by PAC »

I'll just add that BF was kind enough to handed off to me a Octane 85 and 91 to bring to the following:
5/19 - Stoney Creek Rendezvous (PA) -" onclick=";return false;
6/2-3 - TRPC Slippery Rock Clinic (PA) -" onclick=";return false; *
8/4-5 - TRPC Turkey Bash Clinic (PA) -" onclick=";return false; *
I'll also be about with my Option in the WPA area if you have interest and cant make those events, paddling Slippery Rock, Lower Yough, Upper Yough, Stoney Creek or others. Just PM me if you want to meet up to try them out since demoing is a great way to figure out what boat works best for you!

* - If you plan to attend these events you need to join TRPC and have your paper work in by 5/19 and early June respectively. Also note "CANOE" on the top of the form so you don't get stuck in a kayak group and freak the instructors out (there will be a solid group of instructors there - both male and female).

PS: Full disclosure - I'm an Admin here on Cboats but not a "pro-boat", just another beater finding his way on the rivers of life!
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Re: Blackfly Canoes 2018 Summer Tour!

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Been out of the CBoats Scene for awhile.
what is the Single Bladers Getaway in Fayetteville WV in Aug?
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