Duralite Covert 10.5 thoughts

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Duralite Covert 10.5 thoughts

Post by Wendy » Tue Nov 14, 2017 1:03 am

Review of Covert 10.5 Duralite: I took the boat down a short section of the Nanty today to fine tune outfitting. The boat is only 4.5 pounds lighter than my, now John Willson's Duratuff version. It was not only easier to carry, but it makes the swing weight easier to handle getting it up on the head. On the water the boat felt much lighter, and I did feel some flex I did not experience the the Duratuff. I think this will help the boat slide off rocks more easily. The thwarts were 1/4 inch more narrow which I am not sure altered performance or the slightly neutral trim I am using. In the other boat I trimmed it stern heavy, my usual preference. I really enjoyed the way the boat handled but did need some muscle on some offside strokes. With Tom Hagg's suggestion I carved the bulkhead to make the boat be trimmed in a neutral position. What a difference. Now slight knee pressure initiates a ferry or carve. The slightly shorter thwarts may have made the chine sharper, but probably not given the width of the boat. Thanks Silverbirch Canoes for making a Duralite version for me.

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