Batmax upper weigth limit ?

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Batmax upper weigth limit ?

Post by RobertM »

Any thoughts?

I've been talking about getting an old 4 meter boat to play around in for years, I may have just hot the put-up or shut-up point and was wondering what I should consider as the upper paddler weight limit for a Batmax.


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Re: Batmax upper weigth limit ?

Post by old and in the way »

My memory grows feeble, but I want to say 160-170. I paddled an Extrabat at 185+ a couple decades ago, worked out alright.
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Re: Batmax upper weigth limit ?

Post by Bob P »

It's been a long time, but I remember the Batmax as being fairly high volume compared to all but the later (Extrabat-on) designs. At 150 lbs, I had a very hard time doing pivots.
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Re: Batmax upper weigth limit ?

Post by clt_capt »

I paddled a batmax at between 205 - 210 with no major issues. For comparison, my extrabat was seams in the water at 205.
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