Disposing of a trashed c-boat.

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Disposing of a trashed c-boat.

Post by ezwater »

Y'all have trashed a lot of boats. What has been your experience when you have to get a useless boat off your property? Dump it in a ravine? Negotiate with your trash pickup service?

I once had a Sage that had cracked terminally below the seat pedestal. The trash people would not touch it until I cut it in half and piled it vertically into a large trash can. 8)

Now, I have an old Phoenix c-1 and an old 18.5' Moore Voyageur that are past the possibility of resale. What should I do to get rid of them?
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Re: Disposing of a trashed c-boat.

Post by clt_capt »

Chainsaw... small pieces...
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Re: Disposing of a trashed c-boat.

Post by sbroam »

Cut them in half, stuff one end in the other.

Cut in half, stand pointy end up, paint green, drill holes, poke Christmas lights through the holes, sell them at a craft fair as seasonal decorations.

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Re: Disposing of a trashed c-boat.

Post by arhdc »

Bring them to my boat boneyard where old boats become new and, ahh, "different" boats.

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Re: Disposing of a trashed c-boat.

Post by Mikey B »

I'm surprised Blackfly hasn't given you a discount and trade for "Jeremy's Bane" as that is truly a Frankenboat :D But recycling is good... :)
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Re: Disposing of a trashed c-boat.

Post by jerrodj89 »

I make things out of old boats canoes especially, they can be very useful in many ways
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Re: Disposing of a trashed c-boat.

Post by johnd »

I would post it as a free boat on a club website. Someone will come and get it, and you don't have to do anything other than post on a web site. I did that once for a cracked Mohawk Viper 12 when I got a new boat, and I got a lot of responses. People were actually fighting for the boat, begging me not to let other people buy it first. I think it has something to do with the free part, because I had tried to sell the boat for $50 on the same web site and wasn't able to sell it.
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