Go to boat?

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Go to boat?

Post by RobertM »

What do you put on the car when you don't know where you are going in the AM?

I have a three boats in the quiver, a Cascade, a Redline, and a Bulldog. When I'm going to my home creek and I know the level's going to be low, I take the Redline, when I know it's going to be high enough I take the Bulldog.

But when the rain's coming and I have no idea where I'm going in the morning, I always take the Cascade, it's my forgiving boat. It forgives my bad technique, it forgives me for finding rocks, and when the wave troughs are big enough that I can't see anybody else it forgives me for hanging on a low brace.

So, what's your go to when you don't know what you are going to get on?
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Re: Go to boat?

Post by sbroam »

Whitewater :
Oc-1 - Spanish Fly
c-1 - Remix 79

Flat water -
Might there be a rock? Interlude
No rocks? Explorer or patriot

But in the spirit of your question, I'll say - Spanish Fly :-)
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Re: Go to boat?

Post by ezwater »

When we drive around the Lower 48, I almost always carry my Mad River Synergy. At 15' long and relatively "tubular", it makes an acceptable cruiser on flattish rivers, but while a bit "wet" in heavy water, it can handle up through class 3 quite adequately.

If I were having Kaz lay up a boat for similar use, something smaller and lighter, I might choose a Rival, which is more "tubular" and a good cruiser on the flats. If I contemplated tandem use, I might have him lay up a 15' 6" Coho, which has some rocker and is susceptible to solo use also. The Souhegan looks a bit small for tandem use to me, though it must be fine for solo poling.
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Re: Go to boat?

Post by keez »

Agree with you on the Spanish Fly SBroam.
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Re: Go to boat?

Post by Todhunter »

Dagger Quake for 95% of scenarios. Maybe the Shredder for high water!
Matt Todhunter
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Re: Go to boat?

Post by hazardharry »

OCtane91 https://youtu.be/fmKhPnVDdpA" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
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Re: Go to boat?

Post by Mikey B »

Nice job Hazard! That baby will stand out from the rest...like how the bigfoot bags fit in there too :D
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Re: Go to boat?

Post by truckeeboater »

for me, go-to boat=only boat... Option!
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Re: Go to boat?

Post by SkeeterGuy86 »

grab the one and only Option ... 3rd gen Option .... Orange and ready to go

here in the south east god paddles on the left and that's how he made our rivers ~ oc1paddlr

Pierre LaPaddelle
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Re: Go to boat?

Post by Pierre LaPaddelle »

Todhunter wrote:Dagger Quake for 95% of scenarios. . .
Interesting choice, Matt. Lots of positive comments about 'current' designs (Option, Fly) but not so much about older school hulls. Would love you to amplify your positive comments about the Quake.

Thanks in anticipation!

C'est l'aviron. . . !
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Re: Go to boat?

Post by Jim Michaud »

I've got 17 boats in my quiver. I still prefer the Outrage over all the others. I'll take something else on the steep creeks so that I don't wear out the Outrage too soon.
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Re: Go to boat?

Post by ELGOTTO »

No question....Outrage. Cant wait to see the Millbrook version.
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Re: Go to boat?

Post by wildwaterc2 »

Gyramax (seriously) - I've got hundreds of runs in it and it is so familiar and forgiving. Best for nothing but works for everything.
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Re: Go to boat?

Post by sdbrassfield »

Quake or Ocoee...Can have fun anywhere on either boat really...
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Re: Go to boat?

Post by milkman »

My go-to boat for 5 or 6 years was the Prelude. In fact, except for solo tripping, it was all I paddled. Now that go-to boat is becoming the Option. I'm really liking its even shorter length and handling characteristics. I've learned to handle its slower hull speed by increasing the frequency of my strokes to maintain the momentum. Definitely a well-made, tough hull. Great play boat for eddy catching and surfing.
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