Securing pump to hull

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Securing pump to hull

Post by Riverken »

I've had a lot of trouble with this, but recently I came up with a solution that is working well. All you need is some minicell, some cord, such as you might use for an air bag cage, and some contact cement. You'll need three lengths of cord, each about 15 in.

I took three small chunks of minicell--think two inch cubes. Using a screw driver, I poked a small hole in the middle of each chunk, all the way through.

Then I passed a loop of cord through the hole, using some little tool my wife has in her knitting basket. It has a notch at the end. Very clever thing. You run it through the hole, catch the loop on the notch, and then pull it back through. You could also use a needle nose pliers to do this, if you don't have a wife or your wife doesn't knit.

The loop should be large enough to go over the pump, with some left over. The ends of the cord remain on the other side of the chunk of minicell. Each end should be a couple of inches long from the chunk of minicell.

I then passed the ends of the cord through a cord lock, such as is used to close bags with a draw string. Now, when I am ready, I can pull the loop tight and the cord lock will hold it in place.

Next, I glued each chunk to the hull in a circle around the pump, close to the pump and as equally spaced as possible. Note that there is still plenty of space for the water to get to the pump.

I waited a few hours for the glue to dry. Then, I placed each of the three loops over the pump as far down on the pump as it would go, and then pulled it tight using the cord lock. This pulled the pump down tight to the hull, but, since it is not glued in, I can move it to another boat. If the cord is too long, you can trim it.

I tried to upload pictures but it didn't work. Sorry. Send me a note if you want to see them and I will email them to you.
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Re: Securing pump to hull

Post by ezwater »

I can visualize it, and it seems a clever solution.
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