Mad River Horizon 18'

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Mad River Horizon 18'

Post by Fleetwalker »

Does anyone know anything about this boat as a potential downriver racer? It was only made for a couple of years (introduced around 1999). It's looks like it should be fairly fast (though it's a bit wider than it needs to be for its length). I'm wondering about it's maneuverability. It doesn't have any rocker, but that is also true of the Wenonah Whitewater II and its progeny.

Any thoughts?

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Re: Mad River Horizon 18'

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Here is Mad River's information about the boat: ... 202002.pdf
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Re: Mad River Horizon 18'

Post by ezwater »

WW downriver open boats in general aren't "maneuverable". That boat would be legal for the "cruising" class in some racing venues, but it depends on the local rules in force. (I used to be boat inspector for the Southeasterns.) It would be fast but rather "wet". I don't think it would be very competitive in the "Championship" class unless no purpose-built 18.5 downriver racing boats showed up.

But for most, downriver racing is more about fun than it is about winning.
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