Shoes for Canoe/C-1

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chuck naill
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Shoes for Canoe/C-1

Post by chuck naill »

Just thought I'd ask before I shopped, what shoes are you all using now days?
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Re: Shoes for Canoe/C-1

Post by busterblue »

I'm using the Keen Gorge Water Boots. My considerations when buying shoes was to find something that could bend comfortably at the toes and could fit under the deck of my C1. I spent a lot of time at my local paddle shop, trying shoes on and kneeling in an OC1 position (for me that means bent toes).

For pure comfort, I like cheap old neoprene booties. Unfortunately, they don't offer much protection and aren't great to hike with.
Bob P
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Re: Shoes for Canoe/C-1

Post by Bob P »

I've been happy with the Akona 3.5mm booties. Not the best for rock-hopping, but better than most flexible designs. They allow me to paddle comfortably with the tops of my feet flat on the hull. I add some Shoe-Goo on the top wearing areas so they last longer. ... kona+boots" onclick=";return false;
Bob P
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Re: Shoes for Canoe/C-1

Post by JimW »

I like something fairly stiff in OC1 because I have my feet more or less vertical on the pegs and I like the sole to ease the strain on my toes.

In C1 my feet have to lay flat so I need something as flexible as possible, but with a robust upper section over the toes where they rub against the hull....

So, I use at least 2 different shoes, Lomo boots you won't find in the US but any cheap neo boots are likely to be equivalent (for OC1), in my C1 I'm still using an old pair of Teva's - gamma maybe? I've had them so long I don't remember! When wearing my drysuit I like to wear neoprene socks between latex feet and my main shoes to protect the seals.
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Rand C1
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Re: Shoes for Canoe/C-1

Post by Rand C1 »

for C1 I use NRS Freestyle, flexible, little heel.
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the great gonzo
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Re: Shoes for Canoe/C-1

Post by the great gonzo »

In OC1 I wear 5-10 Water tennies, modified by the shoemaker in Jalcomulco, so that they actually last more than a season. Great comfy shoe, Aquastealth rubber has the best traction on wet rocks hands down, but materials and workmanship from the factory could be better.
In my C1 I use a pair of MEC booties that I have modified, i.e. I glued on the Aquastealth sole from a dead pair of 5-10 water tennies. The factory soles of the MEC booties just plain sucks for grip. Now they rock.


PS: Sole question. how do the new soles from Astral compare to Aquastealth? Is there anything els out there that comes close to AS?
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