Ace 4.7 as first C boat?

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Ace 4.7 as first C boat?

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I've been wanting to convert a boat for my first C1 for a while now. I have an old Ace 4.7 sitting in the garage collecting dust, and I've been toying with the idea of making it my first project. Now, I know there are a lot better boats to convert, but this one is in my price range. My question is would it be worth the trouble, and would it be a decent first C boat? I'm a intermediate K boater, that has never C boated, but I don't want my first experience to be a super steep learning curve. I'm not looking for a park n 'play boat nor do I want a full on creeker either, so a downriver play boat would suit my needs just fine. Another fact to consider is the max weight of the Ace is 165, and I am about 145 so I'm at the upper end of the range. What do you guys think?
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Re: Ace 4.7 as first C boat?

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Go for it. Should be squirty and wave-wheely. Fun with eddy lines! Might be pearly on waves?
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