Shorten Iliad Paddle

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Re: Shorten Iliad Paddle

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That's gorgeous!
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Re: Shorten Iliad Paddle

Post by ezwater »

It's elm, from our yard. Hard and water resistant. Takes a lot of time, but simple cross dowels don't suit me. A proper top curve lets the hand pivot around the thumb on some cross strokes.
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Re: Shorten Iliad Paddle

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I just made a grip using a small piece of paddle shaft (cutoff from another paddle's lenght adjustment) and a piece of another paddle shaft that tapers towards the end, and actually has a slightly smaller diameter than the other shaft. Routered a hole in the handle, rounded the shaft piece to fit smoothly into the interior diameter of the handle, then epoxied everything together with 5-minute epoxy mixed with carbon flour from the sanding (mainly for color, but may give some more grip to the resin as well..)

Grip is hollow, 58grams total and will be used to lengthen a wooden shaft that I have and is currently gripless. I'll just shave that down with a spokeshave to the ID of the carbon shaft piece, with a little edge to make it flush, and epoxy the carbon in.. taking care of stress risers by cutting at an angle, good point you made there btw!
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