Looking for dimensions and how to for a triple saddle...

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Looking for dimensions and how to for a triple saddle...

Post by sc-vapaddler » Sat Sep 08, 2012 10:47 pm

Specifically the ones used in Captions. Going to instal one into my Scamp to make it applicable for different uses. I know it'll be wet with 2 in it, but I know it is functional for that. Thanks in advance!

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Re: Looking for dimensions and how to for a triple saddle...

Post by ezwater » Sun Sep 09, 2012 3:59 am

Don't know about any particular triple saddle model or layout for Captions. I have adapted two different Mohawk triple saddles, one for my Mad River Synergy, the other for my Millbrook Edsel.

Note that if you install three separate, movable saddles, the result will be lighter and more adjustable. Some prefer individual saddles so water can move freely from side to side. That might affect rolling (I roll c-1s but not open boats) because with a triple saddle, even with arches cut at the base to allow water redistribution, water temporarily trapped on one side of the saddle might cause problems.

I obtained both saddles in "stripped" form from Mohawk. I think you'd have to talk to them over the phone about which kind of saddle you want, and what hardware you want with it. Normally they have sold triple saddle packages with complete straps, footbraces, etc., and I think those packages are in the $350+ range. They sold me my last saddle "stripped" for about $150 plus shipping. Of course, mine was not a "catalog" purchase, and I have no idea whether Mohawk is in a position to meet such conditions now.

My Mad River Synergy is asymmetrical swedeform. The triple saddle I chose was one for having a solo paddler and tandem paddlers face the same way. I did some testing before pinning the triple saddle in place with adhesive and thwarts. Because I would use the boat more as a solo cruiser than as a tandem, the solo placement was critical. I placed the saddle so that the solo position is just a bit "cab forward." The padded center thwart helps control my thighs.

After paddling tandem for a while, it seemed that the rear seat (mine) was too far forward. I had to graft minicell onto the back end of the triple saddle to move my seat position back about 6 inches. I also moved the rear thwart to pin down the back end of the saddle.

I "improved" that first triple saddle considerably by gluing 2" minicell to the sides to widen the seats from 6" to 10", and I glued knee spreaders for all three seat positions. I can email photos to any who are interested in such details.

My Millbrook Edsel* (once known in the catalog as the "Big Boy") is a somewhat fishform design. That is, pointed "forward", it is somewhat wider in the bow than in the stern. As I recall, Mohawk did not have the older, unidirectional, triple saddle when I called them, but they had the bidirectional design used in their Probe 14. That canoe is, I believe, symmetrical, and I think the Caption is symmetrical also. For solo paddling, one end of the boat is the bow, and for tandem, the stern becomes the bow and the triple saddle straps and braces are oriented for the paddlers to sit the other way.

I might have chosen the old, unidirectional, saddle, but "bi" was all there was. And I think it makes sense for the Edsel to be fishform for solo and swedeform for tandem. In the latter case, my wife will be in the bow and I will be in the stern where the wider footprint supports my weight and reach. The setup in the Millbrook is not finalized, and looks kind of cheesy, but again, I have pictures if anyone wants them.

*Edsel refers to the fact that Kaz had to withdraw the mold from production because it was rather leaky for layup and vacuum bagging. "Big Boy" is designer Bob Connolly's name for the boat which he developed so he could run the grand canyon.

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