safety boaters needed for Xterra Triathlon in Richmond

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safety boaters needed for Xterra Triathlon in Richmond

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To any of y'all canoers/ists, I gathering together safety boaters to watch over the swimmers doing the Xterra Triathlon and sprint triathlon this Sunday on the James River in Richmond, Va. Any of y'all around the Richmond area are welcome to come sit in your boat and assist with keeping them on the swim course and provide a rest station for those who need it (and there will be those who will need a secure place to gather their "wits" and catch their breath). Rarely have we paddled a swimmer to shore, but it can happen.

It all happens this Sunday, June 10. My cohort and I will in the river by 5:30 a.m. setting up the swim turn buoys and will host the pre-race safety meeting at 7:15. The first race starts at 8:00, the second swim start is at 9:30, and the shorter sprint swim start is at 10:30. If you can make it, please PM me or call me for more information. Parking is pretty lousy in the area of the race so most boaters drop off their boats and gear at the swim start and park downstream at the boaters' takeout (14th St.) or set shuttle at that takeout then go to the 42nd St. putin and paddle down to the swim start. The swim is in an area between some decent rapids and there will be current and shallow boulders adding difficulty to the inexperienced and novice swimmers. You'll have a chance to paddle some rapids and assist with the biggest offroad triathlon hosted in Richmond. I'm attaching a video of the 2009 race to give you an idea of what will go on:

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="h ... ></iframe>
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