Lets see your boat list!

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Lets see your boat list!

Post by RapidMediaTVGuy »

So Scott's editorial in the new issue of Rapid is about all the boats he's owned in the past http://www.rapidmag.com/blogs/46-off-th ... efore.html

Let's see your list and tell me you don't think back about each and every one of those boats! (Sometimes for good sometimes not so much...)

Perception ARC
Dagger CFS
Jackson SuperStar
Jackson Rocker
Dagger Kingpin
Dagger Crazy 88
Dagger Nomad
Dagger Nomad
Dager Agent
Dagger Nomad
Esquif Canyon
Jackson Rockstar

Dan Caldwell
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Post by Todhunter »

In just over 2 years:

Dagger Encore
Mohawk Maxim
Airtight Shredder (Rocker)
Mohawk Probe 14
Esquif L'Edge

Still own the last 3.
Matt Todhunter
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Post by ncdavid »

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I see I've got some catching up to do

Post by RapidMediaTVGuy »

that and I love the fact that the list almost always keeps getting longer (and that seems more acceptable then my list of girlfriends/wives getting longer....)

Dan Caldwell
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Post by TheKrikkitWars »

In chronological order:
  1. Superstar - Now my Dad's,
  2. Crazy 88 - Sold to the son of my former teacher,
  3. CU Fly - Now re-outfitted for my big summer freestyle extraviganza,
  4. SCUD - Sold to buy Nomad,
  5. Microbat 250 - Has been returned,
  6. Nomad 8.5 - Sold to pay for Prelude,
  7. Crazy 88 C1 - Re Outfitted... yet again, now has hip pads, No more painful bruises for me!
  8. Jefe C1 - Broke horribly in scotland, has been stripped bare to (combined with the Gus's seat) outfit a new shell for a friend who was skint and needed a boat; Recently got new central pillars, c1 outfitting is in a pile in the garage; awaiting being cut into quarters and re-assembled into something completely different.
  9. Nomad 8.5 - Final disposition unknown; rear portion turned up in club sheds, used as dustbin.
  10. Jefe Grande - Now has a nose cone, and is back in action with the lad who took it off my hands.
  11. Prelude - Now bright yellow, was to be fluro yellow, but one of the many complex coats required to make it look good had gone off and it hasn't ended up looking as slick as it ought to
  12. Meltdown - Had some holes put in it (who knew doing a massive rock boof would gouge it? Clearly not me as I got carried away with myself), and fixed again; Recently returned by TGG after the Worlds.
  13. Gus C1 - Moved the bulkhead back, improved the saddle, welded the bolt holes shut, changed the strap system.
  14. 91' Nomad Extrabat C1 - Recovered from a pile of boats that were going to be thrown way, Used to belong to Steve Batham who told me it's age and manufacturer. Recently replaced the cockpit rim, patched some holes, reworked outfitting and decorated it
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Post by hankrankin »

- 420 K1
- Bell Ocoee
- LL Pop C1
- Taureau
- Cascade - might not shoulda sold this one, at least not so soon
- H3 C1
- LL Vision C1 (i havent even paddled this boat yet, i broke my foot (2 weeks ago) a couple days after i finished outfitting it. hopefully ill be on the water in it on thursday.
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Post by chriscanoe »

Blue Hole Sunburst II
Dagger Encore
2 Mohawk Probe 11's
Mohawk Maxim
Esquif Detonator
Perception Mr. Clean C1 (current)
Mohawk Viper 11 (current)
Blue Hole Sunburst II tandem (current)

2 bluehole OCA's (current)
Wennonah solo plus
home made Northwest Passage solo
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Boat list

Post by avlclimber »

Oh, I'll play: (*=still own)

Mohawk XL13 (enormous, sold to buy probe)
*Probe 12 (Franken-boat, gunwales spliced from 2 different craft) (The loanerboat)
Probe 11 (was never mine, just in my basement for two years; my friend now owns it)
Viper 11 (paddled forever, sold after big snow canoeing accident)
*Lincoln 16' One of the first production Roylex canoes (inherited)
*Perception ?? unbranded, one of the first plastic ww kayaks (inherited)
*Bell Yellowstone 15' tandem (awesome)
*Caption (again, not mine but in my basement)
*Dagger Ocoee (being rehabbed)
*iSUP (Seyvlor Samoa)
*Esquif Prelude (current)
*Dagger Phantom (GF's)
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Post by greybear »

Lets see:
Dagger Ocoee
Esquif Nitro
Savage Skeeter
Esquif Zephyr
Dagger Prophet (sold to ncdavid)
Mohawk Viper 12
Esquif Spark
Esquif Nitro (#2)
Dagger Quake
Esquif Detonator
Dagger Prophet (my old boat sold to ncdavid, bought back 2yrs later)
Dagger Prophet (newer one, different boat really)
Esquif Vert X (tandem outfit)
Dagger Deminsion (free, cold cracks, on big hole in the side now repaired great boat and great river tripper)
Esquif Ledge
Mad River Outrage (in wood)

Some I am glad I got rid of some not, still have 5 boats at home and home impulse hull that I need to try and repair and find gunnwales for. If any one has damaged boats they don't want contact me I am trying to start a rental and instruction fleet.
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In descending order

Post by Einar »

In descending order:
Impulse (slug)
Mohawk Probe 12
Viper 11 royalite (trashed, swim platform)
Old TownTripper 17 (handed owner to 5 owner, still solid)
Chestnut 16 (wood, flipped for $$$)
Esquife Detonator 11 (ruined)
Viper 11 Keylar (babied)
Foreplay (c-1)
Viper 12 (gutted, not my fault, honest)
Viper 11 (wrapped, pinned, broached and fried; now rebuilt, paddling symetrical backwards
Ovation: (4 boat buyout deal)
-Dagger Caption (really liking, finally a performance Tandem, putting in pump though)
-gone shopping, back later in an hour. Einar
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Post by pblanc »

I'll limit myself to whitewater OC-1s, C-1s, or OC-2s that I have owned or currently own since that is the focus of this forum:

Whitesell Piranha
Perception HD-1
Blue Hole Sunburst
Blue Hole Sunburst II (2 different ones)
Mad River Outrage
Dagger Cascade
Dagger Atom
Dagger Impulse
Dagger Encore
Dagger Prophet
Dagger Ocoee
Dagger Phantom
Dagger Caper
Dagger Caption
Dagger Legend 16
Mohawk Viper (original Viper 12 before there was a Viper 11)
Mohawk Viper 11
Clipper Viper 12

Also have and old 'glass C-2 sitting in the backyard which I seem to have inherited since I have been judged to be the only local person who might be stupid enough to want to try to repair and paddle it. I think it is a Paramax, but I'm not sure.
Sir Adam
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Post by Sir Adam »

I've lost count, embarrassing as that is. I tried to do it chronologically, but that didn't work. Usually I can do it alphabetically at least:

Ace III Wildwater (sold)
Acrobat (Master)
Acrobat (Standard)
Bala (by Roocke Schmidt)
Cascade (#1, sold to buy Atom)
Cascade (#2, when I started "collecting")
Cascade (#3, or rather, #1 which I bought back)
Fanatic II
Gemini V C2 (gave to someone who would use it)
Groove prototype (plastic)
Gyra Max
Maverick (very shortly... was cut up in to tiny bits as part of the original Maven project)
Magnet #1 (now the plug for the new Magnet mold)
Magnet #2... TBD soon!
Modified Czech
Slasher (#1, sold to by the Atom)
Slasher #2 (sold after #3... didn't want 2 slashers!)
Slasher #3 (Slasher #1 re-purchased)
Wide Ride

Of course, there is also the:
Tomcat (IK)
NRS Bandit (Adk Sara's boat :) )
Sawyer Champ II
Wenonah Advantage
16' wood strip marathon solo boat
7' Hornbeck (Mckenna's boat:) )
Keep the C!
Bob P
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Post by Bob P »

Open Canoes (Cruising):
Old Town Tripper
Old Town Pathfinder (2)

Open Canoes (Slalom):
Spark (dual purpose)*

C1 Cruising:
Max II
Perception C1 (factory kayak conversion circa 1982 - awful)
Perception Dancer (my conversion - better)
Microbat, also known a The Death Machine (Ultramax with 5" taken out of the seam line)

C1 Slalom: (During my A/B slalom years, my race boat was also my cruising boat. We didn't abuse boats nearly as much as people do now.)
Extrabat (my favorite...)
Fanatic II (not my favorite)
Stinger (fastest boat ever)*

*Still have these 4, plus my original Cobra prototype. Pathetic...

Made a kayak from a free mold (hated it...)

20-odd boats in 35 years, but I never had "a collection".
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Bob P
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Post by DougB »

14' fiberglass tub unknown manufacturer
Mad River Revelation
Swift Dumoine
Evergreen Starburst
Evergreen Sunburst II
Dagger Ovation
Swift Raven
Dagger Ocoee
Esquif Vertige X
Esquif Vertige (current)
Evergreen Starburst - 2nd, first died (current)
Mad River Outrage (current)
Esquif L'Edge (current)

Now for the wanted list....
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Post by Einar »

Not that it seems to bother any of us but lot of money has been invested in boats !!!
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