Rediscovering The Finkenmeister

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Bruce Farrenkopf
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Rediscovering The Finkenmeister

Post by Bruce Farrenkopf »

I've been paddling a converted Pyranha H3 255 for several years and definitely like the boat. Recently I had the H3 on the Farad section of the Truckee River - a class 3+ run with one 4 at the level we ran it (2000 cfs). This section of the Truckee also has two fun but bumpy 15 ft dams to run which mandate a plastic boat.

Point 1: The H3 felt like a cork on that pushy run. It is SLOW, doesn't surf and got pushed around in the bigger water. I was thinking "I wish I had my old Dagger Atom" - then it came to me :o ....get back into your Finkenmeister - the boat that has been on the back shelf in my garage for 3 years - and try it on this run.

I can hear a few groans out there :wink: .

I paddled der Finkenmeister on the Farad run and it turned out to be a MUCH better boat than the H3 for this type of class 3+ run. It was considerably FASTER and SURFS and was much more fun to paddle. It didn't feel like a cork.

Point 2: I now have a great boat for moderate water that I can bang around on rocks and dams. The right boat for the right application makes a world of difference.

I seem to be saying the obvious, but rediscovering the Fink has made boating more interesting for me. Get into that garage, dig out an old boat and give it a another try. You might be surprised :D !


Bruce Farrenkopf
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Post by Sir Adam »

I picked up a fink this spring, and finally hopped in it the other day to see if I could roll it (having read they are a bit tough). Stock outfitting, though beaver tails not bolted in.

Popped right up easily. I'm sure it would have been different in *interesting* water, not flatwater, but I'd forgot what rolling with all that volume was like (rolling boats that look like ironing boards is what i'm used to :lol: ).

I totally agree on pulling out an old boat... and if anyone in the Northeast wants to drop in to try some of the collection, just let me know. Short of the Aerobat, Meltdown, and Ceemweever I have one of almost each rec. C1 producted, plus a few race boats. Pagan isn't on site yet, but hopefully very shortly:)

It's fun, and eye-opening, to paddle some of the older and newer designs back to back.
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Post by PAC »

Bruce - Nice on the Fink... I like it as a creeker and overall boat. You just have to modify your style to match its strenths - get forward and get going.
I think Mike W would agree that it aint bad on some steeper stuff! Right Mike? :wink:
No boat does it all but you can get out and have fun in almost any boat. Paul C.
Paul C.
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Mike W. Staff
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Post by Mike W. »

PAC wrote:I think Mike W would agree that it aint bad on some steeper stuff! Right Mike? :wink: Paul C.
Oh yeah! It's on my watch list. I don't have a whole lot of use for plastic boats, but I'm interested in adding a Fink to my fleet.
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Post by oopsiflipped »

c'mon bruce. there is no way you could have heard me groaning. i hadn't even groaned yet when you wrote that and you're on the other side of the country! :wink:

but i do miss most of the boats i used to have. other than having to carry the dang thing, it would be fun to have an atom again.
Larry Horne
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Post by Larry Horne »

ugh. :wink:
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