Latex Gaskets - Trimming or Stretching

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Re: Latex Gaskets - Trimming or Stretching

Post by Dennysdad » Sat Nov 11, 2017 3:23 am

Had mine replaced and they were definitely thick
I did them in late summer so I would have it in time for chilly
Weather. First time I tried it on at a river my head started to turn
Colors. So on with the semi dry top instead.
Put a half gallon jug through the neck and left it there for weeks
Plus small bottles of water in the ankles and wrists.
Didn't do a thing I tried the wrist one on while sitting on the couch and within
Minutes one hand was quite a different color then the other so much to my chagrin
I handed the suit over to my wife for some extensive cutting before
My body parts stopped turning colors.
Moral of story is the new gaskets need to be cut or gangarine, haha
Will set in

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