OK we know what you got now but

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OK we know what you got now but

Post by Louie »

what did you use to have?

My boat progression is as follow

Alum sumthin (Longest)
Sunburst II
Teaureau (Shortest)
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I cant count

Post by Wendy »

Grumman years ago- 60s?
Probe 12
Probe 12II
Prelude (Savage)
Spanish FLy (Craig bought it)
VErtige X
Prodigy X
Another Spanish Fly- still have it
Another Ocoee
I see plastic in my future
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Post by Lengthy »

Louie your boats got worse as they went, past the OCA. Now that's the boat you should still be in, especially at your age. :lol:
You know what they say about guys with long boats.............. I have a 16 footer!

Post by Louie »

ya and i might not should still be makin babies, but I am.
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Line up

Post by jottsee »

Boat progression and current home of boat

Wood and Canvas - Candle Lake, Saskatchewan
Old Town Tripper - Candle Lake, Saskatchewan
Wenonah Adirondak - Madison, Wisconsin
Nova Craft Supernova - Candle Lake, Saskatchewan
Dagger Encore - Madison, Wisconsin
Esquif Taureau - West Orange, New Jersey
Esquif Zoom - Candle Lake, Saskatchewan

None of them see water near enough!

Post by Louie »

You went from an Encore to a Teaureau? Bet that took some gettin use to.
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Post by TonyB »

Mohawk Challenger
Madriver ME
Esquif Nitro
Savage skeeter

I'm leaving the Buttboats out
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Post by ezwater »

This is the order of purchase. I no longer have boats with *

Moore Voyageur (fast tandem tripper)
Mad River Compatriot (13' sharp-ended open)*
Fiberglass Hahn c-1*
Perception Sage "Miss Piggy" *
Old Town Tripper (bought used)*
Noah Magma c-1 (terrible c-1, converted to kayak)
Phoenix "Slipper" c-1
Perception Dancer XT (awful kayak)*
Perception Corsica (much better)
Necky Looksha Sport touring kayak
Dagger Zealot (first out of the mold)
Mad River Synergy
Millbrook Wide Ride (used)
Millbrook Big Boy
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A little

Post by jottsee »

Ya it was interesting. I drove down to ALF 2007 without a boat and bought it from Bill Reap - had my first run in the snow on crab orchard creek I think. There may have been some swimming that day. Had a great few days at ALF that year and can't wait to bring that little orange boat back to TN.

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Post by Standingman »

Sunburst II
XL 13
Viper 12
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Post by jroneil »

Red coleman canoe paid 225 kept it for 20 years and sold it for 150
3 OT Otter Kayak Kids got to big last year the deck was at the water line or below so I sold them
Discovery 169 my wiife thought I had to many boats and it was really heavy use money to pay off the Caption
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Post by TheKrikkitWars »

Jackson Superstar - Kayak
Dagger Crazy 88 ) - bought as kayak, became first C1
CU Fly - My Favourate boat
BlissStick Scud - I miss this one
Pyranha MicroBat 250 - total pig, but it got me used to using a big boat...
Dagger Nomad - felt bland, very easy to paddle though
Liquid Logic Jefe - got the shell for free. Great stuff, bit tippy but I'm determined to get used to it; now has a 2' long crack in the bottom, gets welded after almost every trip .
Savage Prelude - Needs reoutfitting, the last two owners where about 8" shorter than me.
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Post by tennOC »

Bluehole 17A
Loweline (aluminum cruiser)
Noah Jape C-1
Rainbow Boatworks Rattler
Edge (member of Team Edge)
SuperBatmax from Jesse Whittemore (Aramid Charger)
Same SuperBat cut down with no wings
Shred (squirt C-1 Crae Dalton and I did back in '87)
Super Fly
Spanish Fly
Drifter (new proto tandem )

Also have a Firefly (a Frankie rec. boat that never saw production)
Savauge Prelude I kept for historical purposes
BrownDog Boats- "Bring the Dog"
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Post by 2opnboat1 »

Mohawk Whitewater
Skip about 10 years
Probe 12II
Whitesell Whirlwind x 5
Wave Sport X (C-1)
Esquif Detonator
a few others
Mohwk period starts

Viper 11
Black Dog (a black bag project that is still in the works with No release date for awhile)
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Post by sbroam »

Primary boats only :

Coleman "Marine 17" *1
Mad River ME - shorter
Mohawk Viper 12 -shorter
Perception Slasher -shorter
Perception Whiplash conversion -shorter
Perception UltrClean conversion -shorter
WaveSport Score conversion -longer (but not much)
Zephyr -longer
Spanish Fly -shorter

*1 thought I should count that one - it was the first boat I owned that I paddled on whitewater
*2 right about then I got an ME again for paddling with the kids - I paddle it almost as much as the solo boats.
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