C-Forum is on pause

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C-Forum is on pause

Post by kenneth »

Adam and I have decided that with the decline of forum usage (as people migrate to reddit or facebook or etc) the amount of effort we put in to managing it is too much. We've been hosting and managing CBoats and the C-Forum for over 20 years and we've loved being part of the community.

So for now we're disabling new user registrations and making the forums read-only (hopefully I figured out how to do that!). We might re-enable it some day, but at least for now we feel the forum is still good for searching and learning about our sport, even if you can no longer contribute with new posts/topics.

Private messaging should still work, so existing users can still chat with each other. We hope to focus more of our time on updating and improving the "museum" site of CBoats.net in the future.

Thanks to everyone who helped make this site what is is/was.