Tomahawk C2 and Wildwater C1 for sale

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Tomahawk C2 and Wildwater C1 for sale

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I've decided it is time to move on a few boats that are not part of the core CBoats collection (race boats I don't seem to paddle any more).

-Upstream Edge Tomahawk C2 - nice and light, I"m pretty sure Kevlar in the hull and it definitely has a foam core deck. Center cockpits, but originally set up for a lefty in the stern (small wing on the right; I'm a righty and paddle stern but it never bothered me). Asking $650

-Roock Schmidt? Wildwater C1 - I think it is a Bala or Bala Mezzana, but could be a No Name. FAR more stable than my old Ace III that's for sure! Wayners old boat as I recall correctly. A few very well done patches but ready to paddle. Asking $650

Both located in Queensbury, NY. I don't travel as much as I used to but may be able to get a boat over in to New England or over towards Utica in the next month or so due to some planned trips. VA / DC area (and interstate in between) might be doable later in the fall.
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