Dagger Quake- $1000

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Dagger Quake- $1000

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$200 REDUCTION SALE, can bring to WINNI Fest this weekend!

They only made 100 of these in 1999, then the mold wore out and they didn’t make an aluminum one to replace it. Folks call this the best creeker open boat, but it can be wet and the lack of a bulkhead makes it less desirable.

So, I pimped this out with a Ridge Spirit Outfitting foam bulkhead, installed his pump system and viola, a a dry light creeker!

No cracks, or issues, Dagger plastic is the best! I can bring it to the Deerfield Fest or you can come grab it in Maynard.

Comes with dunnage float bags but you will need to get a battery for the bilge pump system. Pics on request.
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