NRS Otter 130 Whitewater Rafts and Gear

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NRS Otter 130 Whitewater Rafts and Gear

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NRS Otter 130 Self Bailing Rafts, 4 available: $2,495 each (compare at $3,825 new)
Middle Thwarts are available at $170 each.

NRS Rafting Gear Package: includes NRS Otter 130 Self Bailing Raft w/ Middle Thwart, 6 Carlisle Outfitter Paddles, 1 Carlisle Guide Paddle, 6 NRS Big Water PFD's, an NRS 5" Barrel Pump, and a standard NRS Rescue Throw Bag.
New Value: $5,331.30. Our Price: $3,399. Buy two or more packages to receive them at $2,995 each!
Purchase Here: ... ng-package

Interested in our entire fleet of rafts and all our gear?
4x NRS Otter 130 Self Bailing Raft w/ Middle Thwart. 21x NRS Havoc Livery Helmet. 24x NRS Big Water PFD Adult. 10x NRS Big Water PFD Youth. 4x NRS Carlisle Guide Paddle. 23x NRS Carlisle Outfitter Paddle. 3x NRS 5" Barrel Pump. 2x NRS Standard Rescue Throw Bag. 2x NRS 25' Bowline Bag. 1x NRS Outfitter Dry Bag 65L. 1x Wildwater Designs Rescue Bag. 2x NRS Purest Mesh Duffel Bag. 1x NRS PFD Bag.
Total Value: $22,665.83. Our Price: $12,950
Raft Gear Photos: ... sp=sharing

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