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Boat Type:CONVERSION   Boat Length:7 ft 5 in
Manufacturer:Fluid   Boat Width:27 in
Designer:   Boat Volume:60 gal
Year:2008   Boat Weight:38 lbs
Material:Plastic   Boat Category:Rec
Primary Use:River running   Cockpit Size:19.25 in X 34.25 in
Secondary Use:Rodeo   Depth:
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Paddler Weight: 155 to 240 Lbs.

If you want a boat that gives you a fun ride without being temperamental, you need to add some Spice to your life. It will take care of you on unfamiliar runs and enable you to surf waves on the run that other paddlers can't even catch.

It has the proven Flirt hull, which means it is very loose on waves. The length of the boat combined with gradual kick rocker makes it fast, both on waves and downriver. The smooth rails will make you carve on a wave like you don't expect from a riverrunner, and also give you precise control when manoeuvring in rapids. Apart from being a forgiving yet performing riverrunner, the Spice is also great fun on ocean waves.

Most volume is distributed around the cockpit, where it is also slightly peaked to keep this boat on top of the water. The ends are not too slicy though, as the boat was designed to keep you in control on funny water.

Paddlers on the upper end of the weight range will find the Spice a nice playful riverrunner, while paddlers on the lower end of the weight range can expect a forgiving boat that will allow them to run complex rapids with ease. For beginners, this is the perfect boat to introduce them to the art of running rapids and surfing waves. is managed by Adam Pearsall and Kenneth Sarzynski with graphic artwork by Sara Pearsall
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